Supporting and Redefining The Energy Consultancy Industry

Supporting and Redefining The Energy Consultancy Industry

The trade body supporting Energy Consultants, Brokers and Intermediaries

Sharing best practice

Uniting UK energy consultants, driving industry growth and empowering success.

Representation & Advocacy

We represent the interests of our members and advocate for policies that support your business.

Education & Training

We offer educational and training resources to help energy brokers stay informed about industry developments and improve their commercials.

Networking & Partnerships

We facilitate networking opportunities and partnerships between our members, helping them to connect with potential clients and business partners.

Regular updates, commentary and insights on our ECA blog.

Invaluable guidance from industry leading experts

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Invaluable Partnerships

Partners in progress

  • Sharing resources, ideas and best practice can help and improve efficiency and drive success.

  • Collaboration can help businesses to pool their resources and expertise, creating a more competitive market.

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise, leads to increased innovation and the development of new products and services.

Meet our amazing team

Our Executive Team is committed to the continued success of the energy consultancy industry

The Energy Consultants Association

For brokers, by brokers

Sharing information to support energy consultants

We stand united as a resounding voice committed to promoting the pivotal role of energy consultants. Our unwavering focus lies in highlighting the invaluable contributions we bring to customers and the robust growth of the UK economy. We collectively advocate for the recognition and appreciation that energy consultants rightfully deserve.

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