Andy Pilley Sentencing: Urgent Call for Ofgem to Investigate BES Utilities

Andy Pilley Sentencing: Urgent Call for Ofgem to Investigate BES Utilities

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Andy Pilley

Welcome to the Energy Consultants Association (ECA), where we prioritise integrity and professionalism within the energy brokering industry.

In light of the recent sentencing of Andy Pilley, the owner of BES Utilities, it is crucial that we address the urgent need for Ofgem, the industry regulator, to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the company’s practices.

According to Companies House whilst Mr Pilley resigned as a director from his energy companies during May following his conviction for fraud, he remains the ultimate controlling owner of BES Utilities despite having now been sentenced to thirteen years.

How was this scandal allowed to continue for so long and what steps will Ofgem now take to investigate, report, and ensure there can be no recurrence?

ECA Executive Team

The Verdict: Unveiling Misconduct and Fraud

Following an extensive investigation by trading standards, Andy Pilley, the former chairman of Fleetwood Town FC and owner of BES Utilities, has been convicted of a multi-million-pound fraud.

The criminal conduct over a number of years involved an individual acting as the ultimate owner of a supplier with a brokerage that claimed to be independent: the criminal court saw through that lie and also sentenced the director of the brokerage to seven years in prison for his part in the fraud.

The fraud was carried out over a number of years and should have rung very loud alarm bells within the powers that be a very long time ago.

Deliberate Deception: The Plot Thickens 

The investigation uncovered compelling evidence of Mr Pilley’s involvement in mis-selling gas and electricity contracts, as well as the posting of fabricated customer comments on websites.

This deliberate deception led to substantial financial losses for countless business owners, duped into entering long and expensive contracts with companies whose ultimate owner, Mr Pilley, had already served a prison sentence for dishonesty.

The severity of these offenses has resulted in Mr Pilley receiving a 13-year prison sentence.  Additionally, three other individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme have also received jail time.

Setting the record straight

Implications for the Industry: Safeguarding Trust and Compliance

The implications of Mr Pilley’s fraudulent actions extend beyond BES Utilities and cast a shadow over the entire energy brokering industry.

These deceptive practices raise significant concerns about trust that consumers put in our industry and how cases like this do nothing but tarnish the reputation of honest consultants and brokers that provide customers with a fair and vital service.

As the regulatory authority, Ofgem plays a pivotal role in ensuring that energy suppliers adhere to their license conditions, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the market.

Considering Mr Pilley’s conviction, it is imperative for Ofgem to conduct a thorough investigation into his activities and review suppliers’ compliance with their license conditions.

By undertaking this investigation, Ofgem can demonstrate its commitment to maintaining trust and upholding ethical standards within the energy industry, brokering, and supplying.

The Role of the ECA: Advocating for Accountability

As a trade body representing energy consultants and brokers, the ECA assumes a vital role in advocating for accountability within the industry.

In light of the recent developments surrounding BES Utilities, we stand united in urging Ofgem to launch a comprehensive investigation into this matter.

It is of utmost importance for Ofgem to thoroughly assess the extent of misconduct and fraudulent activities as identified by a criminal court.

Raising Public Awareness: The Power of Consumer Feedback

The concerns expressed by our members and the wider public, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn and Trustpilot, highlight the significance of consumer feedback in shaping industry practices.

These platforms have provided a space for individuals to share their experiences and raise awareness about potential misconduct within the energy sector.

We urge Ofgem to carefully consider and take into account these voices during its investigation into this criminal activity.

The regulator’s ability to address public concerns and take decisive action is crucial in restoring confidence in the industry.

It is essential that Ofgem effectively harnesses consumer feedback to enforce compliance and safeguard the interests of energy consumers and our industry as a whole.

Conclusion: Demanding Action and Ensuring Compliance

Following Andy Pilley’s conviction and the unsettling revelations surrounding BES Utilities, we urgently call on Ofgem to conduct a thorough investigation.

We must safeguard compliance, trust, and integrity in the energy brokering industry.

Let our collective voice demand accountability and swift action from Ofgem to ensure a future defined by professionalism and ethical standards.

Together, we can rebuild trust, protect consumers, and uphold the integrity of our industry.

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  1. Peter Ensinger September 6, 2023 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Ofgem needs to investigate BES utilities and possibly close them down as they were at the centre of the scam. I am a customer of BES utilities and as a result of their overcharging and the fact they seem to regard my business as a large business despite us being a micro business as per ofgems rules regarding energy supply to micro businesses I have had to close my business down and i have suffered a large financial hit which i am trying to deal with as well as my diagnosis of cancer. I believe that BES utilities should be closed down and the court should use the proceeds of crime act to strip Pilley and his co defendants of the wealth they have gained as a result of this scam.

  2. M Peach September 15, 2023 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    We contacted the Ombudsman twice about the scandalous practices at BES, they sided with BES each time! Maybe they should also be investigated. We told our MP months ago that BES needed investigating, she did nothing to help us. From being duped into a 5 year contract to having massively extortionate rates applied plus having to deal with the worst customer services; we have been complaining and being ignored for years, shut BES down and compensate customers with the vast profits they accumulated illegally!

  3. John November 1, 2023 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    BES are still doing exactly what the directors have been jailed for, there seems to be no end to the devastation they cause to thousands of small business’s across the country, I have been overcharged by this company for months and have contacted the ombudsman with no avail they seem to be a law into themselves, in any other industry this company would be closed down neither Ofgem or the ombudsman seem to act on them. There should be an official government enquiry into their antics, shocking absolutely shocking

  4. Anthony Wright December 14, 2023 at 9:27 am - Reply

    I had to pay over 3k to get out of a miss-sold contract by a broker directly linked to BES. I managed to get 1k back but feel as the prosecution shows exactly what I had evidenced about the dodgy broker that lied and used misleading tactics. I feel I should get the rest of my money back. This was what they fined me on top of the stupid prices I was paying. It seems small businesses are struggling without the crooks like Pilley and his associates. I would like the money I had to give to this crook back and would like to see regulations put in place to stop this happening. Small business should be protected from these parasitic energy companies.

  5. Hannah Woods January 12, 2024 at 9:02 am - Reply

    I have a small holiday let cottage and was duped into signing up to BES via a cold call broker. I have been charged very expensive rates since then and unable to leave the contract for five years which I do not remember being made aware of. BES have made my stress levels go through the roof.

  6. david February 6, 2024 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    b es have blocked my switchover to octopus energy as the tenant has had to go into administration he as asked for his final bill and they will not send it ,they are know trying to con me who do i go to for help

    • ECA February 7, 2024 at 12:52 pm - Reply

      Hi David,

      We would recommended contacting the energy ombudsman with your complaint via the ADR scheme.

      • david February 11, 2024 at 5:00 pm - Reply

        i have contacted the ombudsman they have said i will have to wait 8 weeks bes have de energised the meter, so i can not switch i am not a customer of there’s i own the property ,but bes keep ringing me to tell me to fill in a form on there portal for change of tenancy, also send them my drivers licence or passport ,this is coming from a company done for fraud, the phone calls come from south Africa but with a Manchester number them they send me a email to say they are looking into my complaint, funny as i have not made one i am not a customer of there’s they just keep ringing and lying all the time they are vile to think you have to rely on this crooked company for a vital service beggars belief they will not listen and sort this problem out ,because they want more Money from me i do need help with this as i cannot let my property with no supplier

  7. Natalie Simpkin February 7, 2024 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    I too am on the verge of having to close my business due to becoming a victim of their fraudulent actions & mis-selling of contracts,I’m currently tied into a contract until well after my lease ends which I know I didn’t sign up to, it’s sickening to read that he’s still profiting from us all even though he’s locked up for that very reason! Only wish I’d seen this lot before getting handcuffed.Come on ofgem

  8. Wilhelm Finger February 13, 2024 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    We moved into our new office premises and, in a rushed decision, entered into a contract with BES Utilities for a period of 5 years.

    Upon closer examination, it has become apparent that we are being severely overcharged for our electricity consumption. While the average market rate stands at 25.0000 p/kWh, we are being charged an exorbitant rate of 38.3000 p/kWh.

    We are left with a situation where it seems impossible to rectify or renegotiate these inflated charges.

  9. David February 14, 2024 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Hi, I am a landlord of a commercial shop, 2 weeks before the end of Jan 2024 my tenant informed BES due to their excessive bills he was going into administration, he requested a final meter reading and end of contact on the 31st Jan. The metre was a smart metre, therefore they are aware of the final readings. I had also provided my tenant with a letter outlining that he left the premises on the 31st Jan to send along with his final readings to BES. I met with the rep from Octopus Energy at my premises on the 31st Jan, he went through all details including deposit and credit check and set up my account to start the next working day. Octopus then sent a warning note to state that BES had blocked the move. I then asked the previous tenant what had happened. He informed me that BES were refusing to send the final bill until I completed a change of Tenancy form and send ID (driving licence or passport) so they could they could end the contract, which I refused as I am not a customer and not a tenant I own the building. The continued to insist through bombarding me with phone calls that this form requires completion before the contract can be terminated. However I am aware that as soon as I complete this form they will hand over the contract to me. They refused to put me through to termination. Octopus also informed that the metre had not been energised on the National Database. This means they are still billing my previous tenant on a metre that has never been registered working. When this was queried with BES energy they hung up. This is obviously a scam, has anyone had a similar experience to above and how did you swap energy companies without these parasites blocking the move?

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