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We represent and protect the best interests of energy consultants, intermediaries and their customers.

Business Promotion

To be a loud and aligned voice to stakeholders, the press, consumers and legislators on the UK business energy consultancy sector.

Maintaining Success

Allow a stable business environment to occur allowing members to develop and invest on a longer term basis.

Regulation Guidance

To assist members with internal best practice development, audit frameworks, compliance to industry standards.

Business Support

Introduce members to a wider network of third parties who may be able to assist them in their business operation.

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Mitigating risks and increasing the chances of success together

Mitigating risks and increasing the chances of success together

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Uniting UK energy consultants, driving industry growth and empowering success.

Representation & Advocacy

We represent the interests of our members and advocate for policies that support your business.

Education & Training

We offer educational and training resources to help energy brokers stay informed about industry developments and improve their commercials.

Networking & Partnerships

We facilitate networking opportunities and partnerships between our members, helping them to connect with potential clients and business partners.

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