Our Strategy For 2024: Driving Energy Consultancy Sector Growth

Our Strategy For 2024: Driving Energy Consultancy Sector Growth

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In an environment as dynamic and intricate as the energy consultancy sector, clarity of purpose is not just beneficial; it is essential. This is why the Energy Consultants Association (ECA) has developed a strategy that articulates our mission and outlines our dedication.

It is designed to serve as a roadmap for our association, ensuring that the actions we take and the policies we advocate are in complete alignment with the needs and best interests of our members and the customers they represent.

By providing a transparent outline of our aims and commitments, we underscore our pledge to uphold the highest standards and to champion the causes that matter most to our community and the generality of non-domestic customers.

Mission Statement

The Energy Consultants Association (ECA) is committed to supporting and reshaping the energy consultancy industry.

Our Aims

We strive to elevate the industry’s professionalism by:

  • Advocating for the industry and influencing the decisions of key bodies where there has been historical underrepresentation, such as Ofgem, RECCo, and Elexon.
  • Challenging and correcting misrepresentations in the media.
  • Fostering and disseminating best practices among our members.
  • Identifying and addressing areas of poor practice to facilitate industry-wide improvements.

Our Promise to Our Members

  • To represent the best interests of our members.
  • To deliver value that ensures the membership fee is self-justifying.
  • To maintain impartiality, uninfluenced by external pressures.
  • To operate fully transparently, utilising all revenue solely to achieve our objectives as a not-for-profit organisation.

Benefits to Members

  • Member benefits 
  • At least 4 webinars a year FOC (saving £1,000)
  • Free terms and conditions health check
  • Legal support and guidance
  • Regular feedback from Ofgem / REC meetings
  • Member‘s forum (Coming soon)
  • Annual AGM Conference (coming soon in 2024)

Areas of Focus


  • Maintain ongoing dialogue with Ofgem, RECCo, Elexon, and other relevant third parties, contributing to discussions and consultations.
  • Enhance industry representation in the media to foster a more balanced narrative of energy brokerage, whilst recognising the need for continuous improvement.

Leveling the Playing Field – Raising Industry Standards

  • Collaborate with energy suppliers to enhance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and standardise industry processes.
  • Facilitate equitable access to data.
  • Improve switching rates and expedite processes whilst curbing anti-competitive behaviours.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to identify and address fraudulent activity.

Commercial Support

  • Identify opportunities to support our Members’ commercial activity by using our profile and collective purchasing power (e.g. Industry-leading data, group purchasing, brand enhancement)


  • Ensure that our advocacy is always supported by solid, meticulously researched statistics and case studies.
  • Devise methods for accurate and effective data compilation and presentation, reinforcing our positions and arguments with empirical evidence.

By focusing on these core principles, our mission is to support our Members in building and maintaining a stronger energy consultancy sector.

Act Now: Become a Member

The Energy Consultants Association is your advocate for transparency and diligence in the energy industry.

Membership offers direct access to industry intelligence, networking, and a powerful collective voice.

We stand for accuracy and due diligence in the energy consulting sector.

Your participation in our upcoming webinars and ECA membership are vital to ensuring a fair and honest market.

Remember, the more members we have, the stronger our collective voice becomes in shaping the future of our sector.

Together, we can drive positive change and create an environment that supports growth and success for all.

We appreciate your ongoing support and dedication.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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