Supporting and Redefining The Energy Consultancy Industry

Supporting and Redefining The Energy Consultancy Industry

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Welcome to The Energy Consultants Association

The past 12 months have seen a significant impact on energy consultants; Micro business reforms, BEIS activity, ERS – and the next 12 months have even more things on the horizon (Ofgem non-domestic call for evidence, energy claims, Recco etc).

In the absence of a strong independent trade body representing our collective interests, we have no united voice loud enough to attract the attention of regulators, The Government or Ofgem.

This needs to change.

Ofgem and the Government appear to think energy consultants, in some way add cost; despite clear evidence that a lack of customer switching actually creates additional cost(s).

We as energy consultants and brokers facilitate over 60% of all contracts, yet (to our knowledge) not a single one of us received an invite from BEIS to provide our views on their Energy Relief Scheme.

Highlighting the disregard, they seem to hold our industry in.

The Future of Our Industry

Regulation is coming; we need to develop a series of principles that promote self-regulation while highlighting the overwhelming good that we as consultants and brokers offer non-domestic customers.

As we all know, there is increasing activity surrounding claims management companies and lawyers taking a keener interest regarding pursuing suppliers, as well as brokers for energy commission claims. The talk of television adverts commencing in the coming weeks has the real potential to damage our reputation with customers, creating new risks and additional challenges for us all.

With the support of a growing group of consultants and stakeholders, we have already made promising steps towards developing our strategy surrounding what a trade body should be focusing on, how it operates and the positive impact to your business.

Now is the time to launch the The Energy Consultants Association, with several key benefits for members:

  • Business Support

  • Maintaining Success

  • Regulation Guidance

  • Business Promotion

The Energy Consultants Association (ECA)

Register Your Interest

Holding a series of workshops, we can explain in more detail the benefits of joining, our priorities along with updating our peers, on the work we have already started with various external stakeholders.

Register your interest and help forge a community that is dedicated to promoting and protecting our industry’s interests.

Register your interest here.

A strong, unified and well-represented trade body will help shape our industry’s future, ensuring the security and ability for us to operate and provide service is maintained and preserved – while also focusing on better end-customer outcomes.

Without the Energy Consultants Association – we are all simply passengers with our fate in the hands of Ofgem and the Government.

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